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[15 Aug 2004|04:49pm]


"Sorry, but even our teams not THAT great!!" [15 Aug 2004|02:48pm]
[ mood | tired ]

HAHA last night was pretty awesome! See we were supposed to go to Jennie's, dye my hair, then go to Matt's (MIke WTE!!!) house for a paaaarty, but that ended up not working out so we just stayed at Jennies (for the most part) and had a crazy fun time!! Jennie dyed my hair, but it was supposed to come out light brown and instead it just made it a little redder, but u cant even rly tell. Oh well wte, I have to go lighter next time. Then we called everyone in the world plus 1 to try and find somewhere we could go, and of course that included Billy who insisted that the only way he'd get us something to do was if Jennie, um, yea. So we all were trying to convince her to do it and just "take one for the team!" ("Jess, come on, would U take one for the team?" "Sorry, but even our team is not THAT great!" )LOL! Had to be there! So anyways I don't even remember wut we did, but we laughed alot (like usual). (Whenyoutalkreallyfastyouhavetoenditwithwoo! WOOO!!") Jennie was crazy!!! Joshua called and we took turns talking to him. We eventually went out to Dairy Queen (where else!?) and Cumbies. When we got back I recieved an interesting phone call, um yea. At around 1ish we decided that we'd go to sleep. HAHA, yea, that was a show. None of us wanted to sleep on the floor, so we all piled onto Jennie's bed. oh man, funny stuff! This morning we woke up at like 12 and decided to go out to breakfast. We called Court to see if she wanted to met us there, and of course she did, i mean, who can resist, hanging out with us? It is just way too much fun to pass up! haha. UHHHH breakfast was soooo good I'm never gunna eat again as long as i live! so now I'm home. and exhausted, and smelly...I need to take a shower like whoa! We were supposed to go to six flags today, but ppl cancelled at the last minute and it was supposed to be crappy out (which it is) so we decided not to go. oh well. i dunno. i guess thats it. Laters.


*Quite tiredly yours*



Hakuna Matata [12 Aug 2004|10:52pm]

Well lets see...Last night me and Kate and Carla went out to dinner at Applebees. Carla wanted to go so that she could lend moral support to her friend Nick who was going out with this kid for the first time. It was pretty funny. "What are you doing here?! What a surprise?" Priceless! So dinner was pretty funny, although I can't seem to remember any of our jokes, we def laughed alot! HAHA! And while we were eating Christine calls my cell and shes like "I just passed you guys! Turn around and look at the light!" Im like..."Whhhhaaa?" shes like "I just passed you!" and im like "ummm Christine? We're in the resteraunt!" LOL! It was sooo funny! Speaking of Christine, she got her licence!!! YAY! And i gotta give her madprops cuz she had the hardest road test that I've ever heard of in my life and she still passed!! Good Job girlie!! So after dinner we went to NA high school and looked for a place to teach Carla how to parallel park, but there were no good spots, so we headed over to Carla's neighborhood where we proceeded to teach her how to parallel park behind a dump truck, on a road with no curb! LOL! funny stuff! So after that we dropped carla off and headed over to Mike Short's house to get jennie, but there was some confusion and i dunno, but wutev, Im ovait! So I just ended up going home. Today I just chilled here till I had to work at 3. Work went by reletively fast tonight, so that was good. But i'm not schedualed to work all next week. I need to get hired at Highland like WHOA!!! It sounds like a blast and it would be so awesome to work with my girls!! So that is very high on the Priority List right now! Oh man I am so excited for Sunday. We are finally going on our long awaited 6Flags trip! There are around 15(ish) of us going, it's gunna be such a party! And by the way kids, I have shotgun reserved (in Kate's car) already and kate agreed so dont even think about it! LOL! I decided that I dont want to drive since i dont have a CD player, I dont think I could handle that long of a trip without Kanye! As I told...someone?...earlier "no kanye=end of the world!! So yea! It's gunna be awesome so if anyone else wants to come let me or Kate kno asap!!! Oh boy, here comes the rain! I luv the rain!! Don't u luv to lay in bed and listen to the rain? Well I do! ok? the news is on right now, and they're saying how ToysRus is gunna stop selling toys...ok how retarded is that?! Wut r they gunna be called?! " R us" thats doesnt work! And wut r they gunna sell?? I don't like this one bit! In other news... I have to babysit Justin and Rory Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week, and they have a pool, so if any of u girls wanna come over there with me one day let me kno!! OMG I can't believe how fast the summer is going!! Before we kno it we're gunna be sweating our asses off in those goddamn ugly ass tights! Who else is excited?! I kno I am! U kno wut the BEST part of back to school is??? Its going shopping for new notebooks, folders, binders and of course PENS!!! omg, I luuuuv that! I think Staples is my favorite store!! We got all our new back to skool stuff in at Brooks like a week ago! Its made me wanna go shopping for all the stuff so bad! Yeah, its an addiction! aright I guess thats it...ttyl thankugodblessugoodnighticame,

*Compulsively yours,*



bored [10 Aug 2004|11:29pm]

01. I have never kissed someone of the same sex.
02. I see a therapist.
03. I'm the youngest child.
04. I am drawn to things associated with sadness.
05. I love my gauged earrings.
06. I wear black eyeliner every day.
07. I am extremely influenced by kindness.
08. I love to write, even though I think I suck at it.
09. I can't live without lipgloss.
10. I’m probably emotionally scarred.
11. I lived in Tahoe.
12. I spend money I have.
13. I'll be in college for over 4 years.
14. I love designer handbags.
15. I’ve had a concussion before.
16. I’m not good with confrontation.
17. I loved the Backstreet Boys.
18. I have more than a couple horrible memories.
19. I'm addicted to Degrassi. (thanks Kate)
20. I’m spiritual… but not religious.
21. My first kiss was unexpected.
22. I start school on Jan 4th or 5th.
23. I love taking pictures.
24. I hate girls who are fake.
25. I can be mean when I want to.
26. When I allow myself to get close to people, I get very attached

27. I am bisexual.
28. I have way too many pairs of shoes.
29. I've seen She’s All That at least 50 times.
30. I dress how I feel that day.
31. I love Charmed.
32. Sometimes I cry for almost no reason.
33. I hate when people are ridiculously late.
34. I procrastinate.

35. Winter is my favorite season.
36. I have too many clothes for my closet/dresser. 
37. I love to sleep.
38. I wish I was smarter.
39. I believe that it is wrong to be gay.

40. I have a lot of drama

41. No one really knows me.
42. I love my hair.
43. I sometimes fight with my parents.
44. I am passionate about my interests.
45. I have had the chicken pox.
46. I’m a hopeless romantic.
47. I feel empty sometimes.

48. I am/was most likely clinically depressed at a point in my life.
49. I am addicted to coffee.
50. I am very outgoing.
51. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

52. I can be very insecure.
53. I don't notice it, but I'm told I'm very softspoken. (hahaha yeeeah right)
54. I hate ignorant people. (dont be ignant!)
55. I love my laptop.
56. I love guys that play the guitar

57. I state the obvious.
58. I am usually a happy person.
59. I’m extremely mellow.
60. I contemplate suicide.
61. I hate cleaning my room.
62. I tend to get jealous.

63. I like to play video games.
64. I love John Mayer.
65. I get more upset when I see an animal hurt than a person.

66. I'm a vegetarian/vegan/don't eat beef.
67. I don't like to study for tests.
68. I am too forgiving.

70. I have a good sense of direction (haha ye right)
71. I love school.
72. I’ve played a musical instrument for more than 5 years.

73. I tend to feel inadequate.
74. I love kisses on the forehead.
75. I love the color blue.
76. I don't sew.
77. I am not addicted to drugs.
78. I wear contacts.
79. President Bush is a Complete and Utter Moron.

80. I become stressed easily.
81. I don't take criticism well. At all.
82. Conformity is stupid.
83. Chris Carrabba is one of the sexiest men alive.
84. So is Conor from Bright Eyes.
85. I love my family.
86. I don't mind getting shots.
87. I am a perfectionist when it comes to certain things.
88. I always wanted to learn to play the drums.
89. I can be too hard on myself.

90. I’m probably going to have premarital sex.

91. I don’t like my nose.

92. I am very religious.

93. I still act like a little kid.
94. I am ridiculously indecisive.
95. I believe in a higher power or some form of an afterlife.

96. I love music.
97. I’m in love.

98. I have problems letting go of people.

99. I tend to think with my heart more than my head.

100. I don’t really like ice cream.


And now u kno the true me! lucky you! haha





Our Dawson's Creek summer night [10 Aug 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Oh boy, tonight was our night off of all our craziness. Kate arrived at mi casa at like ummm i have no clu but wte, and then Xtine came and then the three of us went and got jennie. Then we headed over to Mike SHort's house cuz Jennie left her purse over there, but they had left for the movies and his dad didnt kno where it was cuz her mom had hidden it so no one would steal her money which was rly sweet. After which we proceded to Dairy Queen (yea we practicaly LIVE there now haha) and guess wut?! WE FINALLY GOT OUR BROWNIE BATTER BLIZZARDS!!! haha! It was a miracle. SO after that we headed over to the town park where we went on the swings and caught Xtine up on all the festivities that she'd missed over the weekend. While we were swinging Jennie remarked how Dawson's Creek like this was. You know "hangin out talkin on the swings on a summer night, and makin out with someone." Where I promptly informed her "Jennie, I will not be making out with you tonight, Sorry!" lol! So then the bugs started comin out so we decided to leave. We drove around for a bit blastin Kanye, then we headed over to Showcase to see if we could find the guys. We searched the parking lot for their car but we couldn't find it. We sat in the parking lot for a few minutes and tried to think of somewhere to go when Ben (as in Ben and Specer AKA the kids that picked us up at jennie's house when we snuck out) called. So we went over there for a little bit, tried to get jennie's shoes of the roof (don't ask), with no success and then dropped off jennie then muah! So yea, that was out fun filled "Dawson's" night! Too bad there was no makin out, maybe next time Jennie! HAHA.



Conversation Corner [10 Aug 2004|06:10pm]
CxLxK487: so tell me...were you ladies baaaaaad this weekend?? hahaha :-P
Jezika103: HAHA!!!
Jezika103: noooooo, us?! Courtney, u kno us better than that?! Come on now!
CxLxK487: well ya know...kates profile is about cops and handcuffs and i was like ohhhhhhh boy
CxLxK487: i almost stopped by at your rent-free shindig the other night
Jezika103: HAHAHAHA!!!!
Jezika103: REALLY now?!
CxLxK487: yeaaaaaaaa you know me...WILD THAAAANG
Jezika103: HAHAHA!
CxLxK487: du nu nu nu nu...
Jezika103: oh yeah all the way
Jezika103: HAHAHA!!!
Jezika103: omg that was so funny!
CxLxK487: i JUST remembered that
Jezika103: LOL!
CxLxK487: no no it was...love thing...
CxLxK487: you make my heart ding
Jezika103: ohhh yeah!~
Jezika103: LOL!!!
CxLxK487: hahaha WOW
Jezika103: thats only the best song ever!
Jezika103: so how come ur not at julie's??
CxLxK487: i cant do scary movies
Jezika103: oh yeah i forgots
Jezika103: lol
CxLxK487: hehe just cant take em
CxLxK487: did you and kate get invited?
Jezika103: i did, but i forgot to check my messages before i went into work so i didnt get it till lke 5 min ago
CxLxK487: ahh that stinks
Jezika103: eh, im exhausted anyways, havent rly slept in like 3 days
Jezika103: lol
CxLxK487: hahaha oooo boy whyyy
CxLxK487: whats his name!!??!?!
Jezika103: LOL!!!!!
Jezika103: Francis, and he's a naughty boy!
Jezika103: LOL!
CxLxK487: ohhhhhhh FRANCIS
Jezika103: yea, its always the ones with the geeky names that u gotta look out for
CxLxK487: hahaha kinddddddda like charlie....
Jezika103: LOL!
Jezika103: yeah
CxLxK487: hehehehehehe
~Edited to protect the innocent~
CxLxK487: maybe shes in AA...
CxLxK487: its part of the program
Jezika103: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
CxLxK487: apologizing to everyone you did bad things to.
Jezika103: O M G!!!
Jezika103: that is such a definate possibility u have no idea!
CxLxK487: REALLY!?!??!?
Jezika103: HAHAHA!!!!
CxLxK487: wow and i was just kidding!!!!
Jezika103: HAHA! me too
~Edited (again) to prottect the innocent~
CxLxK487: hahahaha did you just tell carla im a closet alcoholic!?
Jezika103: LOL!!!!
Jezika103: Jezika103: courtney suggested that possibility that she is now in AA, cuz one of the 12 steps is like apologizing to eveyone u've ever done something bad too
Jezika103: LOL!!!
cArLa 32012: lol good call
cArLa 32012: why would courty know the 12 steps?
Jezika103: HAHA!
Jezika103: yea calra, courts a closet alcoholic
Jezika103: LOL!!!!
CxLxK487: hahahahahahaha
Jezika103: LOL!!!!!!
Jezika103: cArLa 32012: lol
Jezika103: haha
Jezika103: she hides it well doesnt she
cArLa 32012: lol
Jezika103: the whole innocent thing, its all a disguise, by day, she's "Courtney Kipp, innocent little Catholic skool girl" but by night! watch out boys shes "Courtie Kegger Kipp, she can drink any guy under the table!!!"
cArLa 32012: lmao
Jezika103: LOL!!!!
CxLxK487: oh my freaking word im like DYING
CxLxK487: i love it
CxLxK487: courtie kegger kipp
Jezika103: lol!
Jezika103: thats ur alter ego court...courtie "the Kegger" Kipp
Jezika103: LOL!!!
Jezika103: ;-)
CxLxK487: oh man that is WICKED funny
Jezika103: HAHA!
Jezika103: i thought so
Jezika103: LOL!
~Edited (athird time) to protect the innocent....it was about drinking and shit hense the rest of the convo
Jezika103: take my advice and if u ever so decide u want to try it, go for a mixed drink!!!
CxLxK487: yeah thats what i hear too
Jezika103: cuz the bear, yea, not so good
CxLxK487: haha yeah a lot of ppl say to do those cuz like theyre like smoothies and stuff
Jezika103: i DO NOT understand why anyone would EVER drink it without the intentions of getting wasted
CxLxK487: its that bad huh?
Jezika103: like why on earth would u ever want to subject yourself to that if ur not gunna have a good time
CxLxK487: idk id def rather find other ways to have fun
Jezika103: LOL!
Jezika103: tru dat!
Jezika103: like weeeeed
Jezika103: HAHA!!!!
Jezika103: ;-)
CxLxK487: hahahaha oh jess jess jess what am i gonna do with you?!?!
Jezika103: HAHA
Jezika103: i get a kick outta myself!
Jezika103: LOL!
CxLxK487: haha i think the alcohol still has an effect on you!
Jezika103: LOL!!!! omg i mean seriously...i dont even need to drink, i am like, in a permanate drunken state like 24/7
Jezika103: seriously
Jezika103: LOL!
CxLxK487: hahahaha see thats kinda how i am! im just like CRAZY all the time just wired and i can be sooooo stupid and weird whenever i wanna be
CxLxK487: so i decided hey who needs alcohol if ya got freaking COURTNEY whos like a 6 pack and 20 shots mixed
Jezika103: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jezika103: omg i love you!@
Jezika103: saturady night
~Edited (a fourth time) to protect the innocent~
Jezika103: OMG!!! best thing ever! I like Dont get hangovers!!!
CxLxK487: hahahah jess has a hangover immunity
Jezika103: I DO!!!
Jezika103: i swaer to god
Jezika103: its freakin awesome
CxLxK487: lol ohhh boy jess
Jezika103: i mean u dont feel FANTASTIC the next day, but good enough to go to work, i kno, cuz i did
Jezika103: LOL!
CxLxK487: whoaa haa you're crazzzzy
Jezika103: LOL!!!!
Jezika103: i kno!@
Jezika103: i luv it tho
CxLxK487: lol yes crazyness is a good thing
Jezika103: in moderation
CxLxK487: of course
Jezika103: everything in moderation is a godo thing
~Yeeeah again... thats enough~


They say, 'Oh you graduated? 'No, I decided I was finished [09 Aug 2004|09:26pm]
[ mood | curious ]

ohhh boy, people really do drive me CRAZY! I wish I could read peoples' minds, cuz then i would know what they were thinkin when they do the crazy shit that they do! I hate how you can never tell what a person's REAL motives are. I guess you just have to trust that their heart is in the right place, but I tend to have a hard time with the whole trust thing. Which is wierd, cuz it's not like I've ever REALLY been burned before. Come to think of it, that's probably because I don't give many people the oppertunity. But anyways, I mean, I guess you should give people the benefit of the doubt. But then again you should learn from your mistakes, you kno, like "burn me twice" right? Buuuut on the other hand, people CAN change for the better, I really do believe that. So how the hell do you know what to believe and how to react to certain things when your head says, "You know this person! You know what they're like! There are def alteria motives here." but your heart is saying "Everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe it is sincere." I mean, not that this is even a huge deal, its not even a big deal at all. I'm obsessing, I kno. But i'm in an obsessive kinda mood. No, u kno what. It's not right, its just too wierd and so out of character, it's not for real and I KNO that. I think some part of me (the part that likes to hold on to the past) just wishes it was sincere....and its a very VERY small part at that. Ok so I kno its not for real, but then, what's it for? THAT is the real question. I just might have to find out...I kno this sounds insane, you're probably like "WOW, Jess is crazy." But trust me, u don't kno that half of it!


*002 walked 1,000 miles in my shoes |travel*

Craziness! [09 Aug 2004|12:03pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Well the past few days have been fairly busy! My Family went to NH this weekend, and lets just say...we had a good time Saturday night! (Hence, the previous entry) So Saturday we got up (more like dragged ourselves out of bed) semi early...actually VERY early for not having gone to bed untill ( an estimated) 5 AM. So anyways, i wake the girls up and jennie gets out of the bed and me and kate look at her and shes wearing my brother's khaki shorts which are HUUUUGE on her. FYI my brother, although he is 14 he is a 6'2 (at least) football player. So, not only is she wearing his pants, they are on backwards, and not zipped or anytyhing. And so we look at her, and wut is the first thing she says? No, she doesnt laugh, or say something like "why am I wearing this?" no, she says, quite seriously, "These are too big for me." hahahahahahaha!!!! O M G. It was def one of the funniest things in my life! Let me tell u! (FYI: we still have no clu why she was wearing them, and I think this is going to remain a mystery...quit mercifully, thank God) ok, so after the whole fiasco of cleaning up and wut not, we headed over to Jennie's house. We were all just layin around in her room when we started talking about how Kate's birthday (as well as another date ;-))is coming up soon. So, we were saying how it would be fun to go into Boston for her birthday. Then I say (I sweaer to God I was meant to be a blond) "I wish it was your Birthday this weekend, cuz my parents aren't home and it would be so easy to just go, ect." So then its quiet for a second when all of a sudden i look at Jennie, and it HITS us!...It doesn't have to be someone's birthday to go into Boston! This can be done anytime, anyday! haha, yes, i kno wut ur thinking, we are a bit short on the commonsense, but u'v gotta luv us anyways! So after this groundbreaking idea hits us, we're off and running! We inform the parentals that we will be heading into "Providence" for a funfilled day of shopping and movies, we look up the train schedual, we pick up the essentials (Gum,mints,and money), and we head to the train station. On the train there were some pretty hott guys who we woulda made friends with had we more time. But we arrived at backbay shortly after boarding, and neglecting a prime oppertunity to meet new people, we got off the train. The first thing we did was hit a Starbucks, then we headed over to Au Bon Pair for (an EXTREMELY expensive, but good) lunch. After that we went shopping for a couple hours at Coply Plaza. I bought a necklace, a ring, and earings (YES! Jennie, we finally got them, after alllll that). So when we got sick of shopping (an oxymoron, i kno) we decided that this was a perfect oppertunity to do some college hoping. So we got on the subway and headed over to the Fenway. On the way there we had to walk through the most adorable apartement complex thing. I want to live there so bad! It was just like what the city looks like in the movies, with the brick front and steps leading up to a big wooden door, u had to see it, i'm in love! So then we headed over to the Northeastern campus, which is so NOT what I had imagined at all. I want to go there now! Then we headed over to Wentorth which is where Adam (Jennie's brother) goes. and Massart was right there. And then we were gunna walk over to Emmanuel which is where my Nana went and where she has an undying passion for me to go (which I will not even consider for that reason alone), but we decided that we were too tired and headed back to ruggles to catch a train home. We have decided that we need to take a day and dedicate it to checking out all the colleges in Boston, I recommend it! When you actually go to a campus it is so much better then just looking it up online! So by the time we got home we were all exhausted (I kno I was!). So we just kinda layed around Jennie's room some more. We eventually decided to go out and get brownie batter (or bladder if ur like me and can't say it) Blizards. Too bad we got there ONE MINTUE after 11 and they wouldnt serve us! So then we headed over to the 711 in Attleboro where we bought cookies and soda and then we went back to Jennie's to play cards (the innocent kind) and eventually go to sleep. This morning I was up and out of Jennie's by 7:30 because I had to be home when Justin and Rory got here at 8. So i'm supposed to be babysitting them now but all they want to do is watch TV which is Fiiiiine with me considering I haven't slept in like 3 days. and I have to work at 3. For once I'm kinda not dreading work...ok I lied, i am dreading it, but not as bad this time. Ok I reeeealy need to go take a shower! TTYL.


Best quotes!!~ "dadada Handcuffs dadada police car dadada jail dadada court dadada probation"
Kanye can I talk to u for a minute?!!~
We rappers are role models we rap we don't think
I ain't here to argue about his facial features
Or here to convert atheists into believers
I'm just trying to say the way school need teachers
The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way yall need Jesus

I'd like to propose a Toast
I said Toast muthafuckaaaaa


Censored [08 Aug 2004|02:46am]
Trust me...its for your own protection!
Wut was rly written here....yea, it may have been the funniest thing you've ever read, but it was NOT pretty...;-)Let me tell you...


New Journal! [07 Aug 2004|12:47pm]
Ok, so i FINALLY finished making a new journal! THANKS KATE!!! So this is the last entry i posted in my old one:
Ah, ok for like the last hour I've been trying to figure out how to change the colors on my journal and all I've managed to do is mess it all up...and it's still the same colors by the way. Wte i give up!
Ok The past couple days have been fun! Wednesday night me and KAte slept over Jennie's house...haha! GT's! We played some...um...games...and then when we were all in a uh, a rly good mood, these guys called to see if we wanted to go out...so of course we did! So we snuck out at like 1 i think?? no clu! and waited in my car (cuz it was rainin) for them to come! HAHA! Our rap!! "You just spit on my face!" (or something like that) LOL! kiiinda foggy! haha! so then they came and scared us with thier music and we just kinda chilled for awhile and then we went home at like 3:30ish and played some more and then we passed out around like 4-4:30! And u kno wut the awesome part was!? I got to get up and go to work the next day! YEAAAH! ugh, it was aweful, but wte i made it! U kno wut they say...wut doesn't kill you only makes u stronger! So yeah.
Work was ok, it was pretty funny cuz this old guy from Papa Gino's came in and was like "Can Papa Gino's buy 100 one's off Brooks??" So i weas like suuure y not?! So i called the manager and she's like joking around "wuts in it for us?! We'll take a peperoni!" So the guy leaves and like a hour later this delivery boy comes in with a peperoni pizza adn is like its on the house! haha, so we got free pizza...it made my night! Even tho i dont like Peperoni, but it was still rly nice!
Yeah so today theres not much to do. Jennie and Xtine are workin tonight so i think that em and kate might go see carla's play which is supposed to be rly good! Can't wait to see it! ok i guess thats it! Latez!


Aright so last night me Court and KAte met at Applebees at 5 for dinner. oh man was our waiter sketchy!!! He'd just like come over to our table and stand there...he was like "can i watch u eat?" I was like "ummmm, no, thats ok!" It was pretty scary! Oh yeah, and before we went in me and kate were sitting in my car waiting for court to get there and these sketchy mexicans come ang get into the car next to us and just like sat there and stared at us and waved...i was like ummm yeeaaah, it was pretty wierd! So after dinner we proceded to Thatcher Elementry to see Carla's play, which was wonderful by the way! I rly liked it, they did an awesome job! And Carla looked AMAZING in her green little girl dress! haha! So after the play the three of us headed back to Kate's dad's and watched DeGrassi and GvB, and of course u can't forget the naming of Kate's fish...our favorite is Bubba!. It was a fun night! Today I have to work :-( oh well. After work I'm sleepin over KAte's dads or at least thats where we supposed to be sleeping who knows where we'll end up! LOL! Its always an adventure!! Aright Laterz!

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